Pool Opening



Are you ready to enjoy this summer season?

Call us and we will start up your swimming pool. We service all kinds of swimming pools: above ground pools, in-ground pools, salt water pools, custom size pools and pool spas.

Our Pool Opening Service Includes:

  • Clear all the debris off the pool cover. Remove, fold and place swimming pool winter cover in the desired area;
  • Place deck accessories in your desired location (re-installation of ladders and steps are extra charge);
  • Brush water line, pool deck and clean general pool area;
  • Start filling the swimming pool to the proper level from the home’s water source;
  • Start up filtration system;
  • Chemically treat the water with chlorine (does not include balancing chemicals).

It is time to start enjoying hot summer days by the swimming pool! Open your swimming pool for spring with Ontario Pool Service.


Call or Email us, and we will take care of all you swimming pool needs in no time. Our team of experts is ready to serve you throughout Greater Toronto Area. Our spring swimming opening season starts early April and runs through summer months. Don’t wait until the last minute and remember to book your swimming pool opening in advance to receive a discount!