I am trying to get my pump and motor running for the 1st time this spring. The motor sounds like it is running okay and the water disappeared from the basket, but I cannot get the water to flow. What should I do?

It takes a few minutes for the pump to pick up the prime and actually move water. The fact that water disappeared from the basket suggests that the pump will probably work. You should make sure that all winterizing plugs used to seal the plumbing have been removed, the water level in the pool is at least half way up the skimmer opening and the skimmer basket is in place. Completely fill the pump strainer housing with water, insert the pump strainer basket and replace the pump lid, making sure that the pump lid “o” ring is properly in place. If there is a chemical feeder, make sure that the lines connecting the feeder to the plumbing are properly attached and that the chemical feeder is full of water. Make sure that any valves on the plumbing are fully open. If you have a sand filter, set the dial at “filter”. Turn the motor “on”. It usually takes 2 to 3 minutes for the pump to pick up the prime. Never let the pump run for more than 5 minutes without circulation, or it may overheat and be damaged.