This page contains answers to the questions that we are most frequently asked. Please remember that each pool is different from the other and for that reason we have included only general information that pertains to most swimming pool care applications.


Water is leaking from the underside of my pump. What causes this and is it a problem?

This usually indicates a defective shaft seal. The shaft seal prevents water from leaking from the pump into the electric motor. Water leaking into the motor causes corrosion, resulting in failure of the bearings. This is one of the reasons that some motor shafts “seize up” over the winter.

The pump is running and water is circulating in the pool, but when I look into the pump, through the lid, the basket will not completely fill with water. Why?

There are a few possible reasons for this.First, check the skimmer and pump baskets. There may be debris in one, the other, or both that is preventing the water flow.Second, your filter may need back washing.Third, there may be a blockage in the plumbing or in the pump. If you have tried cleaning the pump and skimmer baskets and back washing the filter and the problem still exists, we recommend that you arrange for a Service Technician to call.

The pump motor is making a very loud noise. What should I do?

This usually indicates that the motor bearings are defective. (see question #1) Replace the bearings. If it is an older motor we recommend that you replace it instead. In either case, replace the pump shaft seal when re-installing the motor. Occasionally this problem is caused by an object lodged in the pump’s impeller and can be solved by dismantling the pump and clearing the impeller. Always turn the power off at the breakers or fuse panel before attempting a repair to the pump or electric motor.