This page contains answers to the questions that we are most frequently asked. Please remember that each pool is different from the other and for that reason we have included only general information that pertains to most swimming pool care applications.


I have never owned a pool before. Can you tell me how to open it?

Each pool is unique but, generally, opening your pool involves:

  1. Removing the water and debris from the winter pool cover
  2. Removing the winter cover
  3. Removing the plumbing plugs that were installed during winterizing
  4. Reassembling your pump and filter system
  5. Refilling the pool
  6. Balancing the water chemistry
  7. Restarting your equipment.

You may wish to have your pool opened professionally the first time to see how it is done before you attempt to do it yourself.

When is the best time to open my pool?

For most pool owners the pool is a major feature of the property, so why not open it early and enjoy the way it was intended to look? Obviously the interest of your family and the need to maintain the pool should be part of your decision. We have a number of customers who like to open their pools as soon as the ice is gone. Why? Some are eager to swim, but most just want to enjoy the enhanced appearance of their yards and gardens.

Can I empty my pool myself?

Yes, but before you empty your pool, seek professional advice.

What is a hydrostatic relief valve?

This is a “check” valve that is installed in the main drain of most pools. It is held in the “closed” position by the weight of water in the pool. (Think of your 9-ft. deep, empty swimming pool as being a big boat sitting in the ground. Now, imagine that the water table in your area is only 6 ft below the surface. Your empty pool could actually lift up out of the ground or float to the top of the water table.) If the water level in the pool is reduced to a level lower than the depth of ground water around the pool, the hydrostatic relief valve should open, allowing the ground water to enter the pool, relieving pressure on the pool structure.

The vinyl liner has slipped out of the track. How do I fix it?

The easiest time to fix this is after the winter cover has been removed and before the pool has been refilled. Apply hot water from a kettle to the portion of the liner that has slipped from the track. This will make the liner pliable. Stretch the liner back up and hook the bead of the liner onto the track. Liner bead (available from our retail store) can be inserted into the track to keep the liner from slipping back out. Large areas may require the assistance of a professional.