This page contains answers to the questions that we are most frequently asked. Please remember that each pool is different from the other and for that reason we have included only general information that pertains to most swimming pool care applications.


What causes sand to enter the pool and gather under the jet(s)?

The most likely cause is a defective “underdrain” or “lateral” in the bottom of your sand filter. If an “underdrain” or “lateral” is broken, sand will escape the filter and be carried into the pool by the flow of water and usually collects under the jets. It will be necessary to dismantle the filter, remove any remaining filter sand and replace the defective parts.

The pressure gauge(s) will not move from zero. Why?

Either the gauges are defective and should be replaced or there is no water flow.

What should the pressure on the gauge be?

Every pool is different. Make sure that the pressure gauge works properly. It should return to zero when the pump is off. If your filter has one pressure gauge, make note of the system pressure after backwashing or cleaning your filter. Generally pressure changes of 6 to 8 lbs. indicate the need to backwash or clean the filter. If your filter has two pressure gauges, a pressure differential greater than 10 lbs. indicates the need to backwash. After backwashing the differential should be 5 lbs. or less.